Peacock Cake Smash

Peacock themed cake smash session.
This was a very special session. My Goddaughter is turning 1! I remember doing her fresh 48hrs and newborn pictures and now it was time for a cake smash!
Ewa’s mom was a braidsmaid at a peacock-themed wedding few weeks ago and she fell in love with those decorations. She asked me if we could use peacock as a theme for a cake smash and of course I was all for it. I looked for a special outfit and spent days planning our session.
I loved how the decorations and the outfit turned out. Then it was time for the cake. When Rosie came to my studio with her decadent creation I was speechless. The cake completed our vision. It looked awsome! I loved the colors and how everything matched perfectly.
Ewa looked amazing wearing a peacock tutu and headband. She loved the cake and had so much fun tasting it. I feel so blessed to be able to capture the first year of Ewa’s life and I can’t wait to give her a beautiful album with all of the pictures I took during that first year.


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